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One Life, One Heart, One Song
It all begins on August 22, 1994... 
That is, if one must have a beginning point to reference to... 
In Reality, as we're all coming to know, it's ALWAYS a beginning... and there is not time... or space... or Final Frontier... 

It was on that date that I, as a Person and as The Personal Universe, began to participate more fully in that Universal Presence... A Doorway opened, a Gateway to Life... coming to me in this physical reality as a living Spotted Eagle, floating not but 50 or 60 feet above me, communing directly with my Heart, which Unifies All Realities into One,.... 
 From that point onward, it's been a different game, altogether...

 SPIRIT WIND PRODUCTIONS came into Being on that very same Day... The Vision I'd carried since being a tiny child was becoming a Reality... We could have a world filled with Peace and Propserity!  And Spirit Wind would be an Organization in the physical reality (3D) that could help do just that... through many different means, including the publication of books, the promotion of music, the production of TV and radio shows, the promotion of Community, and the sharing of Heart all across the world
Since Then...
 Spirit Wind Productions has become a Church whose Membership includes Every Living Being Upon and Within Our Sacred Mother Earth, an Organization dedicated to the installation and acceptance of a World based completely upon Love and Care, a World that is integrated with all the Higher Realms and Dimensions of Life, a World where All Beings are knowing of The Divine Source within themselves, and in All Who Live. We see Our Sacred Mother Earth as A Divine Being who requires Our Loving Care and Our Reverent Respect. 

 Harmonic Peace is Her Natural State of Being, and We Her Peaceful Children are Here to Share This with Her in all its fullness, by accepting that Personal Harmonic Peace within Our Selves. We see the abundance of this Sacred Mother Earth as a Natural Richness to be inherited and enjoyed by All Beings. As such, we aid in the development of Loving Consciousness, and work to share the abundance, so that All Beings DO actually enjoy Natural Prosperity, free of pain and consternation. To this end, we dedicate the entirety of our Organization, as well as our personal lives. 
 Spirit Wind Productions 
 Grandpaw Peter Koyote, Co-Founder 
 Spotted Eagle, Co-Founder
"Every One is a Member of This Tribe, whether we know it or not..." -Grandpaw Koyote
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